on Wednesday, September 16, 2015
I recently started using Instagram. It was (once again) a social media platform that my kids got to first so I avoided. Lord help me if I start Snap Chatting! Instagram has become a lovely spot for me. I can post pictures of our bike trips, our daily commutes, and my knitting & cooking creations. I've found Gramers whose blogs I started reading in 2005! And only a handful of them are still blogging. Finding them on Instagram was like reconnecting with old friends!

We still cycle everyday and in May 2015 we went car-free. Originally it was just until the end of July and now I think we are going to push for mid-November.

In August, we decided to celebrate the fact that our nest is empty & enjoying the last of summer by doing Bike overnights, Sub24O, or bike camping (however you define it) every weekend for the month of August. We wound up going out 5 weekends including Labor Day. I feel like we really lived during August & that we had a great vacation even though we took little time off work.

Now we are planning a 8 day trip to Pittsburgh- DC the end of September. We will ride the GAP/ C&O trail and I'm so excited. All our bike trips have started from our front door. This time we will fly to an area we've never been and just go.

I feel like I have a few new things to write about other than, "Yep, I road to work today."