Fall Commuting

on Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Last week I had second thoughts about commuting to work on my bike. The weather was changing and in the morning it was chilly. Riding to the office wasn't that bad, I had Lance to keep me company. It was the riding home! Lots of wind, and sometimes rain and by myself.

This week has been glorious! Our temps are in the high 70s and riding is great. It won't be like this for much longer. A cold front is coming through and I have decided to try to commute through October and then reassess.

 I've commuted on my bike 8 months out of this year. More than the prior year.  Thing is...it feels weird to drive a car to work! Like I'm violating some kind of oath. Crazy!

Bike Date- Wyandotte Co Lake

on Wednesday, October 17, 2012

 Hidden in these trees are some great mountain bike/ hiking trails. Yesterday, Lance & I took the day off together. We went into the city to check out a used bike store & some thrift shops. We scored all the way around on our second hand shopping. Then we headed to Wyandotte County Lake to ride the mountain bike trails.

Now I am a beginner. This was only my third time riding a mountain bike trail and the first time for this particular one. Man it took it all out of me. I'm cautious, which makes me slow, which makes me unsteady going over rocks and the like. It was so beautiful back in the trails but they were really wearing me out. I did a few miles of track and told Lance I was done. I sent him off on his own & grabbed a blanket to enjoy the view.
The Irish Bike, passed onto me from Liam.
I felt a bike like a Debbie Downer since I wasn't enjoying it like I normally do. For some reason I was not patient with myself, which now means that I'll have to go back several times until I master these trails. They are close to home and really well done. Next time I won't push myself. I'll just do a few loops until my skills improve.

All in all it was a great day.

The Katy Trail

on Thursday, October 11, 2012
Beginning of our journey in Hermann, MO

 Over Labor Day weekend Lance & I hopped a train with our bikes. Destination, the Katy Trail. This was our third ride on the Katy. We road the middle section, the only section we hadn't gotten to. It was a fast 126 miles and helped us determine that 50-60 miles in one day is a good goal. You move along but don't have time to check out sites along the way.

 We really enjoy ourselves when we are out "touring". There is a great sense of freedom. We carry our tent and some food and the rest is up to fate. We've been lucky enough to take a few short trips this year.

Tunnel at Rocheport, MO

Tree down! We encountered 3 trees down on the trail. We worked together to carry the bikes over the trees.
I can't wait until we have a chance to do this more than just for a long weekend!


on Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This is one of my favorite pictures of us. Totally thrilled. I love him.

And He's gone

Lance & Steven

 Steven, our Warm Showers guest for two days headed off to continue his journey. We spent two evenings pouring over maps and talking about where he'd been & where we'd been. He is finishing up his time in KS. It was his first trip here and he was amazed at the quaint little towns & the history he was able to find here. Listening to his stories sparked my desire to travel my own state a bit more. By bike of course.

I have an idea stirring around the back of my mind. 1 month, touring across our state...could we make it happen in 2013! Would any of our children be interested in joining us? What would we do with our dog? Would the shop let Lance off for that long? Like a little seed, I feel the idea rooting & growing.

But back to Steven...we enjoyed hosting, giving a safe, warm place for a fellow traveler.  We tried to stock him up with things he might need before his next stop. We also tried to feed him well and share what we had. It was good for us. We have plenty and even though Steven isn't needy, it was a perfect opportunity for us to do for another. Warm fuzzies all around.

"We have to pose!"

Our First Warmshowers Guest

on Monday, October 8, 2012
I signed us up for Warmshowers.com a few months ago. I've been anxiously awaiting someone to roll through Leavenworth and need a place to stay. Well, we were finally contacted! Steve is on a 5000 bike tour raising money for LiveStrong. He showed up last night and will stay until tomorrow morning. Today he is wandering around Leavenworth. I look forward to hearing what he thinks of our little town.

Bike Tour de Life 5000-Miles-thru-OKKAMOKYTNAR-Sep-Dec-2012/194475580613916

Redline Champion

Lance raced hard in 2 different classes over the weekend. He wound up with a 4th in 20" & a 3rd in Cruiser. I am so proud of him. I know he's bummed he didn't pull a #1 plate in both but he had crazy competition and racing is racing. No two races go alike. He's a strong rider, and can keep up with the guys who are competing nationally. I love that man. This race was "Race of the Day". Everyone was talking about it. It's rare to get caught in traffic and still work your way to a #1. Way to go honey!


on Wednesday, October 3, 2012
Pearl- My commuter
I go to a little produce shop about twice a week. Sometimes more. I like to think this store is my best kept secret, except I'm always posting on FB about them! I am able to get local produce, plus some foodie purchases for cheap. It's a true produce shop, produce doesn't last forever, so they mark down items to get them gone. Lots of times I make my dinner menu around what they are getting ready to throw out.
underneath the apples & squash is a dozen farm eggs!

Today I walked past 10 ¢ potatoes, 25 ¢ cucumbers, & 50 ¢ mushrooms. I was there for butternut squash & apples!  I plan on roasting the squash tonight to go with baked chicken. I'm hoping to have some left to mix up with some quinoa.

I'm thankful that this little store is a few blocks from my office & not far from home!

It's raining leaves

on Tuesday, October 2, 2012
I wish I was a better cyclist, or one that always had the camera ready. Yesterday, as I was riding home the wind picked up and I road blocks & blocks in the rain of leaves. It was so beautiful, mostly golden leaves falling down around me. If I was a better cyclist I would have stopped, grabbed my phone & videoed. Instead I just road. I was anxious to get home. I hope there are leaves left for my trip home today. Cycling in the fall is proving to be wonderful. Last year all I can remember is the headache I would get from being outside. This year I'm drugged to prevent my allergies from killing all the fun.

Commute plus errands- 6 miles
Ride to dinner- 2 miles

It's nice to be so close to everything.

Bike Date- Parkville Mo

on Monday, October 1, 2012

Bike by Missouri River
Sunday afternoon Lance & I decided to go for a ride. I coined it a bike date like I've seen on Simply Bike. Parkville is a 40 mile ride round trip. Part highway, part back roads. The leaves are turning and once we got off the highway it was peaceful.

My cycling dress.
Once in Parkville we road over to my alma mater, Park University. I took Lance through the underground, a massive tunnel of roads, businesses, & classrooms excavated in the side of a hill.Then we took the path up to the old observation deck and had a picnic. Parkville in the fall is lovely.

View from the overlook
The ride home was tiring. Not sure what it was. We've rode that long before, maybe it was the constant peddling.

Total Mileage- 40 miles, crossed the Big Blue Bridge twice!