Bike Date- Parkville Mo

on Monday, October 1, 2012

Bike by Missouri River
Sunday afternoon Lance & I decided to go for a ride. I coined it a bike date like I've seen on Simply Bike. Parkville is a 40 mile ride round trip. Part highway, part back roads. The leaves are turning and once we got off the highway it was peaceful.

My cycling dress.
Once in Parkville we road over to my alma mater, Park University. I took Lance through the underground, a massive tunnel of roads, businesses, & classrooms excavated in the side of a hill.Then we took the path up to the old observation deck and had a picnic. Parkville in the fall is lovely.

View from the overlook
The ride home was tiring. Not sure what it was. We've rode that long before, maybe it was the constant peddling.

Total Mileage- 40 miles, crossed the Big Blue Bridge twice!



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