The Katy Trail

on Thursday, October 11, 2012
Beginning of our journey in Hermann, MO

 Over Labor Day weekend Lance & I hopped a train with our bikes. Destination, the Katy Trail. This was our third ride on the Katy. We road the middle section, the only section we hadn't gotten to. It was a fast 126 miles and helped us determine that 50-60 miles in one day is a good goal. You move along but don't have time to check out sites along the way.

 We really enjoy ourselves when we are out "touring". There is a great sense of freedom. We carry our tent and some food and the rest is up to fate. We've been lucky enough to take a few short trips this year.

Tunnel at Rocheport, MO

Tree down! We encountered 3 trees down on the trail. We worked together to carry the bikes over the trees.
I can't wait until we have a chance to do this more than just for a long weekend!


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