And He's gone

on Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Lance & Steven

 Steven, our Warm Showers guest for two days headed off to continue his journey. We spent two evenings pouring over maps and talking about where he'd been & where we'd been. He is finishing up his time in KS. It was his first trip here and he was amazed at the quaint little towns & the history he was able to find here. Listening to his stories sparked my desire to travel my own state a bit more. By bike of course.

I have an idea stirring around the back of my mind. 1 month, touring across our state...could we make it happen in 2013! Would any of our children be interested in joining us? What would we do with our dog? Would the shop let Lance off for that long? Like a little seed, I feel the idea rooting & growing.

But back to Steven...we enjoyed hosting, giving a safe, warm place for a fellow traveler.  We tried to stock him up with things he might need before his next stop. We also tried to feed him well and share what we had. It was good for us. We have plenty and even though Steven isn't needy, it was a perfect opportunity for us to do for another. Warm fuzzies all around.

"We have to pose!"


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