Bike Date- Wyandotte Co Lake

on Wednesday, October 17, 2012

 Hidden in these trees are some great mountain bike/ hiking trails. Yesterday, Lance & I took the day off together. We went into the city to check out a used bike store & some thrift shops. We scored all the way around on our second hand shopping. Then we headed to Wyandotte County Lake to ride the mountain bike trails.

Now I am a beginner. This was only my third time riding a mountain bike trail and the first time for this particular one. Man it took it all out of me. I'm cautious, which makes me slow, which makes me unsteady going over rocks and the like. It was so beautiful back in the trails but they were really wearing me out. I did a few miles of track and told Lance I was done. I sent him off on his own & grabbed a blanket to enjoy the view.
The Irish Bike, passed onto me from Liam.
I felt a bike like a Debbie Downer since I wasn't enjoying it like I normally do. For some reason I was not patient with myself, which now means that I'll have to go back several times until I master these trails. They are close to home and really well done. Next time I won't push myself. I'll just do a few loops until my skills improve.

All in all it was a great day.


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