January Ride

on Monday, January 21, 2013
I asked Lance to take a picture of me commuting the other morning. I was all bundled up and felt good about riding that morning. It was 29 degrees out. Instead of taking a picture he took a video. It's windy, as he is riding too.

I was wearing lots of wool. And layers along with my boots. It worked well. I was sporting  helmet ear muffs, a noro scarf, mittens, & socks all knit by myself. Being a knitter has it's perks!

Today I scored a lovely 90% wool, 10% cashmere coat from the thrift shop. It is in impeccable condition. I'm looking forward to wearing it, although, I am a bit glad that I had today off. It's 17 degrees out there. Brrr.

I rode twice this week.

on Friday, January 18, 2013
January stats for commuting: 3 days so far.

You know my thoughts on winter commuting. It's cold, it's dark, it's not much fun.

 Then, the blog posts started popping up. Lovely Bicycle with her low-down on winter cycling, and looking lovely while doing it. Let's Go Ride A Bike's great post and video on her winter gear and the hilarious Bikeyface's take on winter cycling. These ladies really got me inspired. I have wool, most of the wool I've made! Maybe I should give winter commuting another shot. So yesterday, since it was going to be 30 degrees during commute time I decided to layer up. The sun was shining and Lance & I had a lovely morning ride. This morning I decided to do it again. Two days in a row. Granted, riding to the office is never my problem. It's riding home. I've decided to wait for Lance each day (his work day is usually 1 hr longer than mine) and we can ride home together.

It's dusk when we ride home but not pitch black. I did not like riding in the dark even with lights. So maybe, just maybe winter riding will stick this time.

Snow on the ground

on Wednesday, January 2, 2013
Happy New Year! We have had quite the cold snap. I official put Pearl in the basement the beginning of December. I could ride I suppose but when it's 11 degrees outside I just can't find the desire to commute to work.

November held something new for me though. I went mountain biking with the boys more. I finally found some comfort and really started to enjoy riding the trails. Rocks no longer had me hitting the brakes and I'm looking forward to some trail riding when it warms up with my honey. Hopefully, I won't have forgotten what I had learned.

In November we road at Arcadia Lake in Edmond, OK, the Lawrence Rivertrail in Lawrence, KS, and Landahl Park in Blue Springs, MO. It became our thing to do on Sundays.

Now that we are entering winter, and tax season, my mind will shift to planning mode. Where to ride next? How many bike touring trips can we maneuver? Someday, someday we will be long term tourers. Until then dreaming is nice.