I rode twice this week.

on Friday, January 18, 2013
January stats for commuting: 3 days so far.

You know my thoughts on winter commuting. It's cold, it's dark, it's not much fun.

 Then, the blog posts started popping up. Lovely Bicycle with her low-down on winter cycling, and looking lovely while doing it. Let's Go Ride A Bike's great post and video on her winter gear and the hilarious Bikeyface's take on winter cycling. These ladies really got me inspired. I have wool, most of the wool I've made! Maybe I should give winter commuting another shot. So yesterday, since it was going to be 30 degrees during commute time I decided to layer up. The sun was shining and Lance & I had a lovely morning ride. This morning I decided to do it again. Two days in a row. Granted, riding to the office is never my problem. It's riding home. I've decided to wait for Lance each day (his work day is usually 1 hr longer than mine) and we can ride home together.

It's dusk when we ride home but not pitch black. I did not like riding in the dark even with lights. So maybe, just maybe winter riding will stick this time.


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