Winter Commuting

on Friday, November 15, 2013
Winter cycling is here. The snow hasn't fallen yet but on the day this was taken it was 21F, factor in the 5 degree windchill I create while riding and I'd say that this day qualifies as a winter commute, even if the calendar says it's still fall. Here in KS we will have 20 degree weather one day and 60 the next. It fluctuates so much before the snow flies.  Last year I tried to commute as long as I could but chickened out by November. It was hard to stay warm and riding home by myself in the dark wasn't much fun. I'm not sure what has changed this year? It could be a winter's worth of reading blogs written by people who were still bundling up and commuting to work while I was warm & cozy. It could be that I've been stocking up on wool or that I now have a 150 lumen light. Either way I feel prepared to ride my bike until the snow is too deep to pedal. I even got the fur out although my husband thinks it's a bit over the top.

My outfit in the picture above:
Bottom: Opaque Tights, black leggings, wool socks & boots.
Top: Tank top, Dress, Wool sweater, Coat (cashmere & wool blend), Wool scarf
Tippy Top: Ear Warmers, wool hat & wool gloves.
The only thing that got cold were my fingers. I needed to wear my double layered wool mittens, which I dug out and wore today! It seems like a lot of layers but for 15F & wind it felt perfect.


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