Coffeeneuring #1

on Thursday, October 22, 2015
DESTINATION: Swings Coffee but settled for Starbucks
MILEAGE: Over 3 miles 
BEVERAGE: Mocha & a Chai Tea Latte
BIKES: Jennifer-Surly LHT Disc / Lance- Trek 4500- Our Touring Bikes

We began 2015 Coffeeneuring Season in the home of the Coffeeneur, DC! We were on vacation having just finished spending the week on the GAP/ C & O Canal. I've been reading Mary's blog for years and follow her on twitter so I knew Swings must be a stop for us! It was very close to where we were staying in Alexandria but it's closed on Sundays!! Such luck! We were coffeeneuring before going on a private tour of the Pentagon so we didn't have much time. I used handy google maps and looked up "coffee shops" and wound up at a Starbucks about mile away from Swings. 


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