Groceries by bike

on Monday, August 26, 2013
A few weeks ago we had a huge plumbing emergency. The pipe that connects our house to the water main shot craps. I quickly raided the emergency fund & took a fine tooth comb to the budget. The easiest line item to cut was our fuel budget. We had no out of town trips planned over the next couple of weeks so it was doable. We will ride our bikes EVERYWHERE.

The thing I've struggled with most has been meal planning. Going to the store everyday hasn't worked out quite like I thought it would. Some nights I have too much going on or I'm too tired or it's too dark. I realize now (hindsight's the best) that I should have asked Lance to help more here instead doing the task myself.

So Saturday, one of the hottest days we've had in awhile, I was determined to shop how I used to shop. Everything for the week in one fail swoop. I put my large panniers on my bike and headed out. It was hot and I had a very warm headwind.

I bought what I needed and loaded up. In order to not squish the bread I put it in the top of the pannier after I had buckled it down. Unfortunately, the vibrations of the road caused it to slip out about Kenton St & Grand. I heard a buzz noise around that area but thought it was my purse. Oops.

There's 10 lbs of chicken, 2 lbs of beef, & 5 lbs of frozen fruit in addition to the other stuff.

And here it is all loaded. My bike was heavy but it all fit. Success was had however, choosing to ride at the hottest time of day and loaded with so much food wore me out! I was spent by the time I got home and napped! Next time...I'll bring Lance.


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