Mountain Bike Riding

on Thursday, August 29, 2013
Last fall I ventured out into the land of mountain biking. While there might not be mountains in KS, we do have some lovely single track trails that can wear me out!

We right a mountain bike trail about once a week. There are several trails within an hour of our house so it does take a bit of planing and a chunk of time. I improve my bike handling skills with every ride and now and roll over rocks and roots that would have me squeezing the brakes last year.

I enjoy the Lawrence Rivertrail. It's a fun, green trail that makes me feel like a pro. Wyco trails wear me out but I enjoy them as well. And we have now ridden the Stocksdale Trail in Liberty, Mo twice. The first time it got dark on us but I enjoyed them. The second time I wasn't feeling well but road the whole trail. There is a lot of up and down riding but I felt pretty confident. There are rock sections I walk through because honestly, I've not had a fall yet and I'm not about to tear myself up.

If they were closer I could see myself mtb riding a few times a week. It's a great stress reliever. Sometimes there is just not enough hours or light in a day.


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