Labor Day Adventure

on Friday, August 30, 2013
Lance & I usually spend Labor Day Weekend going on some sort of adventure on our bikes. The past 2 years we've taken our bikes on the train out of KC & dropped off somewhere on the Katy Trail in MO.

This year we are staying a little bit closer to home.

The plan:
 Late Saturday afternoon we will ride from our house to Leavenworth Fishing Lake. Camping there is free but there are no showers. They do have pit toilets & water though. Then Sunday we will ride out to Perry Lake. I have been to Perry about 3 times in my life. The most recent was about 15 years ago so I'm looking forward to it. We found free campsites for hikers. There is an old service road that leads to it so we will be camping away from most people. We have the bikes so once we set up camp we can wander around Perry and use showers at the other sites. Monday we will head back home via Oskaloosa, Winchester, & Easton.

It is supposed to be super hot over the weekend so I'm glad we didn't plan for 60 mile days! We've kept it at a relaxing 30-40 miles with plenty of time to hang out. No laboring on our watch.

I'm really looking forward to some biking, camping, & uninterrupted Lance time!


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