Labor Day Tour 94 miles

on Tuesday, September 3, 2013
I woke up this morning, wishing I was packing a tent and headed out for a few hours cycling. I've heard the more cycle touring you do the more you want to do. Truth!

Our weekend adventure was rewarding and enlightening. Without the stress of having to get on the road as soon as possible, we were able to travel leisurely. Which was great because Sunday morning we scrambled into a picnic shelter mere minutes before a downpour that lasted 2 hours.

Day 1
Day 1We traveled from home to Leavenworth State Fishing Lake. It took us 2 hours to get to Tonganoxie, KS and another hour to get to the Lake! What a shock that was. We took the most direct route which I'm pretty sure qualified me for the Dirty Kansa. Several miles of steep, graveled, hills. I felt so accomplished when we finally made it! The lake was lovely. Total mileage that afternoon 28.86 miles.

Old Military Trail Camp
Day 2 Leavenworth State Fishing Lake to Lake Perry. This ride was so quick and enjoyable. We started out on some gravel and then turned onto asphalt. We road through McLouth and onto Ozakie. There were lots of rollers but I've given over to the fact that you can't avoid hills in Eastern KS. You'd never get anywhere! Our campsite was on top of a ridge that looked over the lake. As I said before, it is a hiker only site. It was perfect! And free! Total mileage 23.25 miles
The road was closed but we made it through!

Day 3 Perry Lake to home via Winchester & Easton. This ride took a little longer and was nothing but hills all day. Still enjoyable though. We road through Winchester hoping to eat at the cafe but they were closed for Labor Day. We still had food with us so we made lunch in front of the cafe and splurged on gas station ice cream cones. I tend to remissness a lot when we ride through Easton. I lived there throughout my childhood and am always surprised the memories that stir when I go through. Easton is in the Stranger Creek Valley and has a 4 mile climb up out of it towards Leavenworth. We stopped at the Hilltop at the top of the climb and rewarded ourselves with curly fries. Neither one of us had eaten at the Hilltop before. Outside it looks like an old gas station. Inside it's as large as a barn and full of every convenience item you could want including a cafe! Score! Refueled by the fries we road the remaining miles home. Total mileage 42 miles

Once home I commented to Lance how nice the riding was. We road in 48 hours what we road in 1 day on our vacation! It's the destination not the miles that makes these trips fun. And I love uninterrupted Lance time. He was already researching another excursion last night!


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