Sunday Ride

on Tuesday, September 10, 2013
This past Sunday our bike club had a picnic and ride. I haven't road with a group in almost a month. It was a hot when we road out into the county. Usually, I'm at the back of the pack because I have a great steel touring bike with larger tires. Most folks have light weight road bikes with skinny wheels. Somehow, this ride I managed to lead the pack. Surprised, I started taking note on my accomplishments.

1. I was able to climb this crazy steep hill AND talk. Yes, I was breathing heavy but I was still yammering away.

2. I took the long decent without touching my brakes once! I used to drag my brakes to keep my speed down. Now I love a good decent.

3. I can climb a hill and not grumble. I don't dread hills at all. I just take them at face value and climb them. Really in my area of the country you can't avoid them so you might as well embrace them.

I'm pretty proud of how far I've come. I am, dare I say, a strong rider! Maybe I'll head out on group rides more often.


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