Event Planning

on Tuesday, September 24, 2013
This past weekend was all about the Buffalo Bill Century Ride. Our local bike club has hosted this ride for 31 years! I've ridden it once (the 25 mile route) and then bam, I am in charge of SAGs. The ride has 3 mileage options, 25-62-100 miles & we post a SAG every 10 miles.

The day was beautiful and we hit our target numbers! 174 cyclist came out and road our course. The route was spectacular. Rolling hills, beautiful foliage, & 77 degree weather all day! We will never get such a perfect day. We had nothing but positive feedback from the riders. I was a bit jealous that I was working the event and not riding it!

I have never done an event like this and to be in charge of such a large part of it worried me a little. I knew it was a success at 4:30 pm when I was wrapping up things on the road and I realized we had no accidents and no major hiccups! I had a great feeling of satisfaction. I picked a great year to be apart of the Buffalo Bill Century!


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