Caught in the Rain

on Friday, September 20, 2013
Last night I had a meeting across town. I left my office by 5 pm and noticed the sky looking ominous. It was to the west so I decided to go ahead and ride my bike to the meeting.

3 miles into the ride sprinkles started. I can handle sprinkles and then BAM. Wind and rain. It felt like it was getting pretty intense so I started to look for shelter. I saw a school and road up to the front doors that had about two feet of awning. I just got underneath and it started to hail. Wow. I had no idea we were in for actual weather! I texted Lance in case he was worried and then made an executive decision. The rain was letting up and I could see some sunshine so I decided to go for it.
Wet brooks saddle & leather bag. Oops.

I texted Lance back and asked him to bring me a change of clothes for the meeting and off I went. The streets were wet but it was wonderful. I love the cool, freshness of rain. I made it to all the way to the intersection of the place where the meeting was at and then BAM, again. The skies opened up and poured buckets on me. I was soaked. But it was fantastic.



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