Weekday Meditation

on Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Yesterday, just before I left work I wrote out a little list of all the things I wanted/needed to accomplish that evening.

After a review I tacked on "Quick Ride." The Lovely Bicycle has a great post yesterday about enjoying the cool ride. It made me wistful reading it at work! Remembering the feeling I added it to my list.

When I got home the house was quiet so I quickly changed & grabbed my bike before anyone derailed my plans.

It was the best ride ever! Alone, quiet, and I didn't ride with any traffic until the last 2 miles. The light filtering through the trees was so warm and the beauty of the countryside had me feeling like I was inside one of LB's posts!

I tried to capture it on my phone but it was no good. Instead I'll hold onto it in my memory & maybe try again today.


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