Night Riding

on Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Several times in the past week I was "out past dark". Last year, in late October I stopped riding as much because it was cold and dark. Mostly the dark made commuting not so much fun. I was not comfortable on the streets.

This year I feel a shift. When I leave the house in the morning I think about my evening activities and if I think I might be out late I grab the flashlight. Interesting how time can shift your perspective and comfort. I enjoyed riding home in the dark last week. It was quite late, past 9 pm so it was very quiet, peaceful, and not cold! Any chance I could get all those on my 5 pm commute home in late December?

Right now I take a small flashlight and attach it to my handlebars. It works! I probably should upgrade to something else but I've yet to find the lights that I really want to buy. Many seem overpriced. Until then my flashlight works just fine. It gives me enough light to be seen and to see where I'm riding. Granted I assume no one can see me at night and ride accordingly!


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