Coffeeneuring No. 2 Daylight Donuts

on Tuesday, October 15, 2013
The Coffeeneuring challenge officially started on October 5th, the same weekend as our Katy Trail ride. Feeling like I was a bit behind I decided to coffeeneur twice in one weekend.

Sunday, I convinced Lance to get out of bed early before church & ride with me over to Daylight Donuts. Being the good husband that he is, he obliged and we also convinced Quentin to get out of bed and join us. We left the house about 8 am and it was cold! Well not freezing but 50 degree cold. My windchill when riding is about 10 degrees cooler so I dressed for 40 degrees.

I layered myself up with wool & silk (longjohns) and we road to Daylight Donuts. The kid working the counter was hillarious. He had seen we road up on our bikes and he said, in a concerned voice "Was it treacherous out there?" Ha! We live in LV. There is nothing treacherous about Leavenworth! He was impressed to say the least.

We all ordered coffee & cinnamon rolls & were too overdressed to eat inside so we ate on their patio. It was the perfect Sunday morning. Being the nutcases that we are we even video taped a little of our conversation.

Total Miles 5


Melissa said...

Hand knit hats? Thought I spotted a Koolhaas. Just wondering!

Jennifer said...

Good eye! That is a Koolhaas. I knit it for my husband a few years ago. He lost the most recent hat out of his pocket on a bike ride...

bikelovejones said...

Greetings from a Coffeeuse in Portland, OR! Referred to your blog by the Coffeeneuring admin. Very enjoyable!

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