October 2013 Katy Trail Weekend

on Monday, October 7, 2013

Ahh...the Katy Trail. Just when I think I'm over this trail, I ride it again and fall in love.

Tunnel By Rocheport
I had no intentions of riding the Katy Trail this year. In 2010, Lance & I road the Katy for our honeymoon. It was my first long distance riding experience and I loved it. We've gone back each year since and road a different section each time. We've pretty much covered this trail and I thought it was time to move on.

Large Intern making breakfast
Then the bike club decided to host a weekend trail/camp ride. Since the bike club's intern lives with me (nephew) it seems wrong not to join in on the fun.

I never know where to look at when taking a selfie!
I am so glad I did! I had such a good time. A fantastic time! Our bike club invited the KC Metro club to join us and I got to meet several new people. I feel like we had such a crazy adventure that I cannot recount all that happened in such a short time. There was camping, pumpkin spiced coffee, dinners out in Booneville, riding, beautiful landscape, rain!, flash flooding, shivering in a Taco Bell, great conversation, wine & pizza on the trail, and so much laughing. I got to thinking on my way home just what made it such a good time & I quickly realized that it was the people! Every new person I met was interesting & a few a bit eccentric. Not one complainer in the bunch, just a great group of people looking to have fun. I didn't collect anyone's email address or contact info but I sincerely hope that I meet each and every one of them again. They were that good!

I road in these all day Saturday thanks to the rain.

Dirty Bikes!

Deluge of Water, We were trying to hide out from it but got caught up in the storm system flood!

The Missouri River


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