Coffeeneuring No. 4- Coffee Shop Without Walls

on Monday, October 28, 2013
This coffeeneuring trip I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and head just a few miles out of the city limits. The leaves have not fully turned but they are working on it. My destination was a cemetery that I ride by all the time but haven't really stopped to check out.

It is possibly the only Jewish cemetery in our city and I was blown away by it. First, I didn't expect it to be so large. It doesn't look that big from the road. You can see the mausoleum from the road, and that is impressive but I had not expected rows and rows of intricate, beautiful, giant headstones.

Most headstones were at least 6 feet tall & were ornate. I had a hard time getting pictures because well...I'm not a photographer, but also the position of the sun made lots of shadow. I recognized many family names but the one that stood out to me was the Abeles family. We have a football field in town called Abeles field and there is a huge, archway at the field. Very similar to their headstone! This headstone is 15 feet tall.
Abeles Grave Stone

Next to it was another family members headstone/bench. I was at a loss on this one. Is it disrespectful to sit on someone's grave?

I explored the graves for awhile. Then, I sat on the sidewalk, brewed some Black Silk Folgers on our homemade camp stove and appreciated the beauty of the cemetery.


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